PFK - Parents for Kids

The PFK make a valuable contribution in the running of the school and we are very grateful for all their help.


Chairperson: Lisa Charmley

Deputy Chair: Jo Passey

Treasurer: Diane Barrow

Secretary: Rachel Bowie

Committee: Kirsten McLean, Anna Baxter, Naomi Castles.


The role of the PFK includes:

  • Assiting in the improvement of school facilities and educational opportuntities;
  • Helping the school in organising school events;
  • Raising much needed funds;
  • Provide services to the school, e.g. school lunches, school hats;
  • Providing a link between students, family/whanau and the school;
  • Encouraging family/whanau to be involved in the education of their children.

All parents are encouraged to join the PFK.