Mathematics Teaching and Learning at Ruahine School

You may have seen recent reports in the media criticising the Numeracy Project and it’s focus on teaching lots of different strategies for solving problems at the expense of the basics, leading to a decline in Mathematics achievement. You may find it pleasing to know that at Ruahine School we identified these exact issues in 2013 and in the last 18 months we have changed our way of teaching Mathematics to address this. 

At Ruahine School our teaching and learning of Mathematics focuses on:

  • Developing children's basic facts knowledge - this frees up their working memory to enable more complex maths learning

  • Developing a few core strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division that students can apply logically and effectively to problem solve

  • Applying Mathematics learning to real-life and problematic contexts

  • Providing children opportunities to discuss their ways of solving problems in groups - there is not one right way of solving a problem and this allows students to learn from each other and to reaffirm their own learning

From end 2013 to end 2014 we saw a 25% positive shift in learners achieving At or Above National Standards in Mathematics at Ruahine School. This is very strong evidence to show that the way we are teaching and learning Mathematics is effective; and children, teachers and parents should be very proud of this. Please continue to support this fantastic learning progress by practising all basic facts with your children at every opportunity.